WWE WrestleMania 32: Shane McMahon Facing Undertaker is a Big Letdown


While it was exciting to see Shane McMahon return to WWE, the announcement of him facing Undertaker at WrestleMania is disappointing.

The return of Shane McMahon was exciting as he walked down the stage and the initial moments had me wondering if they were going to have Shane-o-Mac try to challenge his father for taking control of the WWE. Well, we were kind of close.

While Shane is going to attempt to take control of the company from Vince McMahon, he’s going to have to go after the Undertaker to do so. Sure, many wrestling fans really want to be surprised at the booking of WrestleMania – which is why so many people are not so happy with Roman Reigns vs. Triple H in the main event.

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That announcement of Shane wrestling the Phenom pretty much killed all the excitement I had because it doesn’t seem appealing. Maybe for some wrestling fans, but it’s not what I was expecting when we were hearing that the Undertaker’s opponent was someone who wasn’t on the roster.

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The speculation was running wild and I was actually expecting we would see the return of Goldberg to the WWE roster to take on the Undertaker; I even prepared a nice article to get everyone excited. But no, the WWE thwarted my plans again.

I would have been fine with it if it was Undertaker facing someone who would have picked up another legendary name. And while Shane-o-Mac has had some great matches in his career, this isn’t the type of booking that works in today’s WWE that would have worked about five years ago when both men were in better health.

That’s not to say we’re knocking Shane McMahon, but I have a hard time imaging a 46-year-old doing the coast-to-coast jump from one side of the ring to the next – especially when you consider that he’s been away from professional wrestling (oops, I mean sports entertainment). On top of that, the Undertaker is 50 years old and isn’t going to be the same Deadman as his in-ring abilities will likely continue to decline.

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The Undertaker only has so many more WrestleMania matches left in him and the fact Shane McMahon is getting one with only a month or so to hype the match feels like a waste of time for the Deadman and a big letdown overall for wrestling fans like myself. It starts to make you feel slightly upset that the powers that be in WWE passed on Taker vs Owens for Taker vs Shane McMahon.

Don’t get me wrong, the fact that we heard the familiar “Here comes the money” and the “bling, bling, ching, ching, dolla’ dolla’” got me excited since it was the first time that song had been heard on Monday Night Raw since 2010. It’s the fact he was brought back to face the Undertaker doesn’t seem exciting.

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Maybe I’ll be wrong, just like I was wrong when I expected it would be Goldberg vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 – or maybe like the predictions the majority of us had that Undertaker was going to face anyone but Shane McMahon.