Bray Wyatt’s WrestleMania Plans Still Unclear After WWE Roadblock


The way the creative team at WWE has booked Bray Wyatt continues to leave behind more questions than answers regarding his future for WrestleMania.

In a majority of cases, having some unpredictability is good for the WWE product. It keeps fans on their toes when they can’t really tell what is going on, especially in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania.

However, that unpredictability has to be combined with a little bit of consistency. Otherwise, the end result looks like someone is lost like a child in a shopping center separated from his/her mother. Right now, I’m starting to wonder what in the heck the WWE is doing with Bray Wyatt and how that is going to lead to his role at WrestleMania 32 on April 3.

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Let’s do a quick recap:

  • Wyatt Family attacks Brock Lesnar and eliminates the Beast Incarnate during the Royal Rumble in January
  • The family feuds with Ryback, Big Show and Kane and lose six-man tag team match during Fastlane in February.
  • Wyatt talks nonsense during promos that are supposedly meant to hype his next feud for weeks.
  • Last Monday night, Wyatt stares down Triple H after battling Dean Ambrose; touching the WWE World Heavyweight Championship before walking way.
  • Fought Brock Lesnar in the handicap match with Luke Harper Saturday night at Roadblock; Harper takes the pinfall for the team.

So with about three weeks until the biggest show of the year, a superstar that has a decent following of fans does not have a sense of real direction. Wyatt’s popularity is easily noticed during his entrance as fans provide the “fireflies” shining in the darkened arena as he and the rest of the Wyatt Family enter the ring.

It has become another extremely frustrating example of how the WWE is missing the boat on the creative gold mine that Wyatt’s character can be. There’s about to be a gap in the main roster with the Undertaker probably retiring in the next few years, with a need for a dark villain to be a force of reckoning in the WWE.

But it’s been hard to ever take Bray Wyatt seriously as a main event threat like Undertaker has been for decades. How could any fan take him seriously when he has yet to come out on top with a major feud in losses to John Cena and the Undertaker?

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It’s doubtful that Wyatt will be injected into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match and making it a triple threat, so there was no point in last Monday’s Raw where he stood face to face with the current champion. It’s also pointless to have a tease for a match with Lesnar since he’s currently booked for a Street Fight with Ambrose.

Again, the question must be asked – what in the hell is WWE doing with Bray Wyatt? Is he being entered into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? If he’s going to have a feud for a match, we’ll have to see something start on this Monday’s Raw so that there can be at least some sort of build in the next three weeks.

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As time passes with no actual direction, it’s looking as if there will be another wasted opportunity to showcase Wyatt as someone who could be a top heel in the company.