WWE WrestleMania 32: Should This Be Undertaker’s Last Show?


With a new stipulation added on Monday Night Raw, should this now be The Undertaker’s final match at WrestleMania?

Monday night on Raw, Mr. McMahon added a new stipulation to the Hell in a Cell match featuring Shane McMahon against The Undertaker. Along with the match stating that if Shane wins he gains full control of WWE’s flagship show, Taker, if he wishes to ever fight at WrestleMania again, must win this match.

With the new stipulation in place, many are now questioning can this truly be the last WrestleMania for Undertaker. At 50 years old, nagging injuries the last few years and soon to be 24 WrestleMania appearances to be accomplished the short answer is, yes, this should be it for the Dead Man.

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Besides the obvious reasons stated above, there are other key reasons as to why this should truly be the last WrestleMania for Undertaker. The first is the location of this year’s WrestleMania, which is in Dallas, Texas. Being both a native Texan and a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, there is no better place for the Phenom to have his final match.

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Originally, Undertaker was supposed to face John Cena before the latter suffered an injury. It will be his first time out of the big event since WrestleMania 19. Going in with that match, it was believed that would probably be it for Undertaker. It should be no different with him facing McMahon.

With AT&T Stadium looking to hold over 100,000 fans in the arena for the event, there is no better crowd for Taker to say goodbye to, then in front of his native Texans, at the home of the Cowboys. If anyone deserved 100,000 plus people to chant “Thank you”, after his final match it truly is for Undertaker.

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Another reason why this should be it for him is because of the outcome this match will cause to happen. If Shane O’Mac wins he gains control of Monday Night Raw. Throughout his career, Undertaker has always done what is right for the wrestling business. There is no better way for him to go out then giving us a new regime in WWE.

After losing to Brock Lesnar back at WrestleMania and the streak coming to an end, does another loss really matter. 23-1 and 22-2 don’t look all that different. With Shane winning, we would get a brand new person running the show. The Authority would finally be gone, and the Prodigal Son would finally be able to begin his run, as the head of WWE.

The way the story has been booked for this match has been excellent. Whoever wins this match, the fans will be both happy and upset with the outcome. If Undertaker wins his storied career continues, however, The Authority remain, and McMahon leaves again. If the former Hardcore Champion wins he gains control of the WWE, however, Taker’s career at WrestleMania is over.

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Although it will be tough to see, it is time for Undertaker to end his iconic career. He’ll get to say goodbye with 100,000 strong in Texas, thanking him, and he’ll help set up the future of the company, Shane’s run of Monday Night Raw. At WrestleMania 32, we should see Undertaker, walk down the ring for the final time.