WWE WrestleMania 32: The Rock Should Turn on Roman Regins at the Show


With The Rock’s role at WrestleMania still undecided, he should end the show costing his cousin, Roman Reigns, the WWE Championship.

WrestleMania is just around the corner. A few months back, The Rock announced that he was going be a part of the big event. However, it has yet to be announced what exactly he will be doing at the show this year. It was rumored that Rocky would be in the corner of his cousin Roman Reigns during the main event. The Most Electrifying Superstar would be doing this while Shawn Michaels was going to be in the corner of his best friend Triple H.

Those plans seem to be possibly out the window, as we are now two weeks away from the event and have yet to see either HBK or Rock on television as of late.

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So with the plans of The Rock at the event still up in the air, the best way to utilize him would be for him to cost Reigns the WWE Championship. Despite the company’s attempt to make Reigns the face of the company, he has been booed at every arena.

The former Shield man’s booking going into WrestleMania has been weird, as the way he’s has been acting, it seems like Triple H has been viewed as the babyface. With the fans still not warming up to Reigns it seems logical that Rock should cost him the match.

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The Rock has always prided himself as the People’s Champion. He has done what he thinks the people want and has taken down superstars that he felt the fans hated. During the Attitude Era, it was Triple H and Kurt Angle. Recently it was John Cena.

Speaking of Cena, Rock a few years back did the same thing that he should do to Reigns at WrestleMania this year. Back at WrestleMania 27, Rock cost John Cena the main event at WrestleMania against The Miz. He then took down the B-lister, showing he had no allegiances.

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After Rock takes down Reigns he should do the same after the match to Triple H, showing that even though he helped Triple H, they are certainly not friends or allies.

The future WWE Hall of Famer costing Reigns makes the most sense. It keeps the title off Roman for the time being and lets him continue to develop. WWE could either turn Roman heel and have him embark on revenge towards his popular cousin, or he could continue to be a face, now trying to win over both the people and the Peoples Champion.

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With The Rock, returning to WrestleMania his return should be used to help develop his cousin into the future star WWE wants him to become.