WWE WrestleMania 32: Finn Balor Should Replace The Miz


If The Miz is seriously injured, his WrestleMania Ladder match replacement should be Finn Balor, who would be making his debut.

On Saturday night, The Miz possibly suffered a leg injury at a WWE live event in Richmond, VA. It happened after he was put into a Patriot Lock by Jack Swagger. If the ailment is serious, then the former Real World star would add to WWE’s injury list that seems to grow by the day.

Miz is set to be in the multi-man WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder match at WrestleMania a week from Sunday. Sami Zayn, Stardust, Zack Ryder, Sin Cara and Dolph Ziggler are the other Superstars that will challenge Kevin Owens in this. If the B-lister can’t go, either this will become a six-man bout or a replacement will be brought in.

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If it’s the latter option, then Finn Balor should fill in for Miz in the match.

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At NXT TakeOver: Dallas, the Demon is set to put his NXT Championship on the line against Samoa Joe. Whoever loses this match may be on their way to the main roster based on what’s already been reported. If Balor comes out as the loser, then we will be seeing him on Raw and SmackDown in three days.

However, what about if the NXT Champion makes his surprise debut at WrestleMania 32?

A first match at the Show of Shows would be a great way of welcoming him into the main roster fans. While Balor has a fan base in NXT, the people who watch WWE tends to lean toward families and little kids. They would have to understand who Finn is just like others who have been called up in recent months. Doing that at WrestleMania would make those fans ask “Who is Finn Balor?” and become intrigued from there.

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Balor wouldn’t have to win this match either. He wouldn’t need it just one night into his time in WWE.

The next night, Balor could appear on Raw, which will be the hottest episode of the flagship show for 2016. He could cut a promo in the ring and talk about the match, only for Zayn to come out. The Likeable One would welcome the former NJPW star and congratulate him on his effort.

However, as Zayn would go to shake his hand, Balor would hesitate.

All of a sudden, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows would run up from behind and beat down Zayn. Balor would finish him off with 1916.

This would create Bulletproof, Balor Club, Bulletproof Balor Club, or whatever the stable is going to be called. They would make a big statement and Balor would get his first main roster feud against Zayn.

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More than likely, no one is going to replace Miz in this WrestleMania match. Anything can happen in the WWE, though.