How WrestleMania 33 Could Be Impacted by WWE Brand Split


Next year’s Road to Wrestlemania is shaping up to be a fun one with the upcoming brand split opening up more possibilities.

The WWE’s announcement Wednesday morning that they would be reverting back to the brand split in July likely means that Smackdown and Monday Night RAW will both be represented during pay-per-views again.

But what does that mean for major PPV’s down the road? Hopefully, the World Heavyweight Championship will be resurrected and returned home to Smackdown while the WWE Championship stays put on RAW. So going forward, that would mean there will also likely be two main events for each PPV show, especially during this year’s Summerslam and next year’s Wrestlemania.

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It’s far off from now, but the mid-summer split means storylines for Wrestlemania season are going to start getting planted in the coming months. So what does the brand split mean for Wrestlemania?

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We’ll likely get two main events at Wrestlemania

A lot of fans complained about the seven-hour span Wrestlemania 32 dragged on for. While – fingers crossed – this year’s Wrestlemania will hopefully be shortened up, I can’t imagine it will be anywhere less than 5 hours, especially with two main events. The RAW and Smackdown brands will need to be both represented at the show and that means another lengthy main event match is going to get tacked on the card (unless we get another immediate Brogue Kick situation like at Wrestlemania 28).

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Probably a 5 vs. 5 (Smackdown vs. RAW) tag match

This roster split also means there’s going to be a lot of brand vs. brand tag matches coming up over the next few years, especially during the stretch between Survivor Series and Wrestlemania 33. Expect to see a RAW vs. Smackdown 5 vs. 5 tag match at Survivor Series and then another at Wrestlemania where the stakes are lower (I can already sense a RAW vs. Smackdown match getting demoted to the pre-show). With Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon’s historically strained relationship serving as a ticking time bomb right now, there’s likely going to be some conflict or severance between the two that either leads to the official brand split in July or carries it out to Wrestlemania 33 in order to bolster the importance of competition between both weeknight shows.

Hopefully, some swerves on the Road to Wrestlemania

The brand split also reopens the opportunity for more storyline swerves in the coming year. Perhaps starting out with the Money in the Bank briefcase again being a choice for the winner – being allowed to cash in on either the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship. Or we could even get two briefcase winners for each respected title. Plus, there’s the draft which offers some chance for returns or character turns. All this leading up to Wrestlemania and it can have a lot of effects on the storyline.

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For the first time in many years, it’s not yet clear where the main event picture is going for the upcoming Wrestlemania. In recent years we’ve had the main event announced or rumored since around the time of the previous year’s Wrestlemania, but this year with all the injuries, absences, the WWE Draft, and the Money in the Bank briefcase possibilities, the picture for next year’s Wrestlemania is fuzzy and has the potential to be ever-shifting all the way up to and during the show. And hopefully, that means this next year is going to be a fun one.