WWE: Rusev anticipating free agency later this year?

A recent acknowledgement of his free agent status seems to suggest that Rusev may be anticipating a WWE exit later this year.

Rusev has been pushed and been featured heavily on WWE TV since first taking part in an angle with both Lana and Bobby Lashley, which is now including Liv Morgan as an equalizer of sorts. The big push appears to be WWE’s latest attempt to re-sign The Bulgarian Brute, which appears to be a top priority in light of recent reports.

However, ensuring that Rusev Day is everyday on the WWE calendar does not quite seem to be a priority for Rusev himself.

As Wrestlingnews.co managed to point out, the former United States Champion recently changed his bio to “soon to be free agent.” Which is a fact. Again, as pointed out in previous reports, his contract is going to run out soon and as of this writing, Rusev has yet to sign a new contract with WWE.

Now, if this declaration in his bio is something worth taking seriously, that’s a whole other discussion entirely. Rusev very well could be planning to re-sign, but wants to troll the fans aware of these rumors and reports. He could very well be planning to leave WWE and is letting certain “elite” competitors know that he will be available for hire soon.

It is a situation that we won’t know until we know, you know?

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We will keep you updated in case any updates on the situation arise.

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