WWE WrestleMania 32: Why Kevin Owens Will Headline the Show


We look at how Kevin Owens can become the MVP for WWE in 2016.

It’s hard to argue that Kevin Owens had the best debut year of any man in the history of WWE. Starting out with the NXT Championship, defeating John Cena on his main roster debut and becoming one of the best characters that WWE has on their roster. You could almost say he quite rightly should have won the Slammy award for Breakout Star that the WWE Universe (allegedly) thought should go to Neville. No offence to Neville, but through no fault of his own, he has faltered since making the step up from NXT. Neville has all the ability, it just appears that the higher up in WWE have no idea what to do with him in all honesty.

Owens showed during his time in NXT that he can be an unrelenting monster when he gets the bit between his teeth. When he first burst onto the scene in NXT he absolutely destroyed his good friend Sami Zayn, eventually getting his hands on the NXT Championship after the referee stopped the match to stop Sami getting hurt anymore.

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When Owens had his hand raised in victory it was the peak of his career up to that point. His rematch with Sami saw a similar ending, with the match halted as Sami could take no more of what Owens had to offer.

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In the last few weeks, we’ve seen Kevin Owens lose his Intercontinental Championship to Dean Ambrose at TLC, then get beaten to that Breakout Star Slammy, then absolutely destroy everything put in his way. The recipient of Owens’ rage this past week on Raw was the aforementioned Neville. After beating Owens with a quick roll up, Neville was on the end of a beating from Owens that left him in a heap on the floor. The selling from Neville was second to none and builds Owens back up as one of the most dangerous men in the entire WWE.

When Dean Ambrose made his way out to try to save Neville from any more of a beating, that was also a bad idea. Although Owens would run from the fight at that point, later in the night, he got his hands on Ambrose.

After Ambrose had been involved in a 6-man tag match, Owens came out and there Ambrose into the ring steps. Following up with driving him into the barricade and then a massive powerbomb through the announce table to leave your Intercontinental Champion left laying in a pile of wreckage. Seeing one of your main men in such a state may not have done a lot for the Champion, but it sure as hell builds the challenger up as a man who is set to destroy the rest of the card as we head into 2016.

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  • Kevin Owens is a unique property in WWE. He’s a heel that wants to be a heel, not someone who wants the crowd to cheer him. He gets a reaction from the crowd that is the reaction of a proper, old school heel. The fans want to see him get beat up and lose. This isn’t a heel in the mould of Seth Rollins. Whilst Seth was the man Authority was behind, automatically making him a bad guy, he got more of a face reaction at times. Fans loved him despite the fact he was meant to be the bad guy.

    Kevin Owens comes out and tells the fans how good he is, how he’s the champion and he will do whatever he has to do to keep hold of that belt, because if he holds gold that means more money for his family. Kevin Owens handles himself as if he were a prizefighter, talking trash and backing it up, then batters anyone who is standing in his way. They way that Owens elicits the boos from the crowds around the world, shows that people are willing to part with money to see the chance of him getting his comeuppance and losing his matches.

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    If WWE wants to build a proper main event heel, not a man in the vain of Sheamus who needs a whole host of help to get the win, they should look no further than Kevin Owens. With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, he has to be one of the favourites to win the annual match to determine the challenger for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

    If Owens is granted the opportunity to win that match, after beating 29 other men, he can put the disappointment of the Slammy Awards behind him. Kevin Owens heading into the biggest main event of the year, regardless of who it’s against, will without a shadow of a doubt push him to the pinnacle of WWE. A heel champion is always seen as better for business and the man formerly known as Kevin Steen is just the heel Champion that WWE needs atop the card throughout 2016.

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    There’s immediately a line of baby faces he could face. Brock Lesnar, a returning Seth Rollins, John Cena or even Roman Reigns could all be possible challengers for a title held by a heel Owens. If WWE is to build on that epic debut year from Owens he needs to use every ounce of the heel inside him to win the Rumble and then head to his destiny at WrestleMania.

    A few years ago Jim Cornette proclaimed that “Kevin Steen is the sort of guy that performs in front of 200 people for the rest of his career, he just isn’t motivated” Well Mr Cornette it seems that you may very well have been totally wrong. In a few months time, on current form, that man should be main eventing in front of 100,000 people on the biggest card in WWE history.